ProjectEndPeriodPoverty is a community-based health intervention that aims to promote menstrual equity by addressing the challenges faced by adolescent girls and women regarding menstruation. This initiative tackles the stigma, lack of education, and limited access to menstrual supplies prevalent in rural Nigeria.

EndPeriodPoverty Interventions — We Provide

The intervention provides comprehensive menstrual health education, raising awareness about menstrual hygiene, reproductive health, and dispelling myths and misconceptions. By equipping girls and women with knowledge, they can manage their periods hygienically and confidently.
Menstrual Health Education
Access to affordable and safe menstrual products is crucial. ProjectEndPeriodPoverty distributes menstrual supplies to those in need, ensuring that girls and women do not miss out on educational or economic opportunities due to period-related challenges.
Menstrual Supplies
The initiative offers information and support networks, creating a safe space for individuals to discuss their experiences, concerns, and questions related to menstruation. By fostering dialogue, ProjectEndPeriodPoverty encourages an open and supportive community.
Information and Support

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