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Who we are

We are a Non-governmental Organisation in Nigeria that work to provide safe spaces for women and girls to thrive, succeed and harness their potentials.

Women and Girls at the grassroot level in Nigeria are faced so much harmful traditional practices which brings about gender based violence, abuse, discrimination and marginalisation. This in turn makes them timid, unproductive and ignorant about the potentials they hold. Hence, at Youngpearl, we believe that the empowerment of women and girls can bring about thriving communities and family upliftment. Hence, our main strategies are advocacy to create a public awareness on the need for gender equality and equal opportunities for women and girls.

Hence, our main strategy is formal education for children and girls, community programming and advocacy, vocational training, social change programs and seminars as well as mentoring.

Our approach

Our Mission
To attain gender equality for women and girls while providing safe spaces, transformational interventions and sustainable change platforms for them to achieve their potentials. We also ensure that through our work, harmful cultural practices, social norms and religious misconceptions are completely eliminated especially at the grassroot level.
Our Vision
To see a world where women and girls have all it takes to thrive, lead, succeed and treated equally in all aspects of life in their community. We will also continue our role as advocate of women and girls rights, and driving force of social change.
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