Promoting Menstrual Education and Improving Knowledge about Menstruation through the Media.

On the 18th of June 2024, Youngpearl expanded the #ProjectEndPeriodPoverty using the media to educaye and empower young people on Menstruation. Our Founder and CEO, Abigail Okpebholo, and a team member, Dr. Promise, were esteemed guests on the Young Life Program on Mega 89.1FM, Warri Delta State, Nigeria to discuss the critical importance of sex and menstrual education for young people. The discussion provided an invaluable platform for addressing key issues related to puberty, ovulation, and menstruation, fostering a deeper understanding among the youth.
During the show, Abigail and Dr. Promise passionately conveyed the necessity of comprehensive menstrual and sex education, emphasizing how it relates to reproductive health and equips young people with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about their health and well-being. They highlighted the importance of starting these conversations early, to dispel myths and build a foundation of accurate information.
As the discussion progressed, young listeners called in with their questions, seeking clarity on topics like puberty, ovulation, and menstruation. Abigail and Dr. Promise expertly fielded these inquiries, providing clear and supportive explanations that resonated with the audience. They discussed the biological processes of puberty, the hormonal changes during ovulation, and the menstrual cycle, ensuring that young people left the conversation with a thorough understanding of these natural bodily functions.
In addition to answering these questions, Abigail shared her ongoing initiatives to educate, empower, and enlighten young people on menstruation. She spoke about her efforts in promoting menstrual equity and destigmatizing menstruation, emphasizing the importance of creating safe spaces where women and girls can thrive. Through her work with the #ProjectEndPeriodPoverty, Abigail is dedicated to providing essential menstrual education and resources, advocating for policy changes, and fostering an environment where young people can discuss these topics openly and without shame especially women and girls.
The episode of “Young Life” on Mega 89.1 FM was a significant step in advancing the dialogue on sex and menstrual education. It reinforced the importance of such education in building a more informed and empowered generation. Abigail Okpebholo’s commitment to this cause continues to make a profound impact, driving change and ensuring that all young people have access to the knowledge they need to lead healthy, confident lives.

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