I Sabi Work

I Sabi Work is an economic empowerment intervention that aims to train women and girls in vocational skills, equipping them with the tools to start their own local businesses and improve their livelihoods.

iSabiWork Interventions — We Provide

The intervention provides comprehensive training in various vocational skills such as tailoring, crafts, agriculture, and entrepreneurship. By developing practical skills, women and girls can establish sustainable businesses and become self-reliant.
Vocational Skills Training
I Sabi Work offers support and mentorship to women and girls in launching and managing their businesses. This includes guidance on business planning, marketing strategies, financial literacy, and access to microcredit or funding opportunities.
Entrepreneurship Support
By gaining vocational skills and starting their own businesses, women and girls can generate income, improve their economic standing, and contribute to the overall development of their communities. This economic empowerment enhances their agency and fosters a sense of dignity and independence.
Improved Income and Quality of Life

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