Youngpearl’s Back2School Intervention in DSC Community.

In a groundbreaking effort to uplift and empower underprivileged girls in Delta State, Nigeria, Youngpearl Women and Girls Initiative conducted a transformative Back2School Intervention in the DSC Community in September 2023. Visiting Love School in DSC region of Delta State, Nigeria, the initiative focused on sensitizing school heads and teachers on the importance of girls’ education, creating safe and supportive learning environments, and empowering girls to take their education seriously.
During the intervention, the Founder and CEO, Abigail Okpebholo held a series of workshops and discussions with school heads and teachers emphasizing the critical role that educators play in fostering a safe and supportive environment for girls. She highlighted the necessity of ensuring that girls do not face discrimination, abuse, or violence in the school setting. Educators were trained on identifying and addressing issues related to gender-based violence and discrimination, and strategies were shared on how to create an inclusive and nurturing educational atmosphere.
By sensitizing school staff, Abigail aims to build a foundation where girls feel safe, respected, and encouraged to pursue their education without fear. The intervention underscored the importance of treating all students equally and ensuring that girls have the same opportunities and support as their male counterparts.
In addition to working with educators, Abigail directly engaged with the underprivileged girls, delivering powerful messages about the importance of education. During interactive sessions, she encouraged the girls to view education as a tool for empowerment and change, stressing that through education, their voices would be amplified to challenge harmful cultural practices and change the narratives for themselves and future generations.
The discussions also focused on breaking the cycle of poverty through education as the girls were inspired to see education as a pathway to better opportunities, economic independence, and a brighter future for themselves and their families. By investing in their education, they can become agents of change, advocating for gender equality and the rights of girls in their communities.
A significant highlight of the intervention was the distribution of Back2School kits to over 70 underprivileged girls from low-income backgrounds. Each kit contained essential educational materials, including notebooks, pens, pencils, and textbooks. These resources are crucial in ensuring that the girls have the necessary tools to succeed academically regardless of their financial constraints. The provision of these kits alleviates the financial burden on their families and fosters an environment where education is prioritized and supported.
The Back2School Intervention had a profound impact on both educators and students as School heads and teachers left the sessions with a deeper understanding of their pivotal role in supporting girls’ education and a commitment to creating a safer, more inclusive school environment. They pledged to implement the strategies discussed, ensuring that their schools become places where girls can thrive academically and personally.
For the girls, the intervention was a source of inspiration and motivation as many expressed newfound determination to excel in their studies and pursue their dreams, recognizing the power of education to transform their lives. The sessions also fostered a sense of solidarity among the girls, who felt encouraged to support one another in their educational journeys.

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